If you have your own e-commerce shopping store, you must feel the dilemma of handling tons of activities that are too much to manage for one person. 

You also feel overwhelmed with the plethora of choices and ideas to outsmart competitors. Especially when it comes to internet marketing, you often feel confused. Because you couldn’t decide whether you should invest money in an e-commerce marketing company or rely on in-house professionals (who might know nothing about marketing).

What would be the smarter option that can also drive plenty of leads and conversions every day?

Well, I personally think that both are outstanding options for your business and help you reach new heights of success. However, there are several consequences attached to each option. I am sure you would love to explore them to achieve more success and recognition in your industry.

So, let’s discuss some pros and cons of hiring e-commerce marketing experts or relying on an in-house team. 

Why should you invest in an e-commerce marketing company?

Hiring your e-commerce marketing company for long-term growth is a crucial step that should be taken with lots of measures. When you choose an e-commerce marketing agency, you often need to discuss different things in a meeting, sign a contract of a specific duration, and discuss the scope of work.

It’s usually a big decision for your small shopping store, so you take a closer look at hundreds of elements before making a final move. 

And then, in the end, you also need to analyze the costs of the project. Because some e-commerce business owners start from 0 and don’t have enough investments for marketing agencies. They see it as an extra cost and hence believe relying on in-house professionals is an inexpensive choice for the time being. 

However, with that decision, you also have to compromise on the quality of work. Because your in-house professionals are least aware of the techniques and strategies that your marketing company applies.

Here are few more reasons that you should invest in a marketing company:

  • When you hire an e-commerce marketing company, you are simply connecting with a team of experts who have proficient knowledge, skills, and expertise in handling complications of your project. The experts know what it takes to build a top-notch strategy that gives results. 

Instead of experimenting on several methods, they apply solid and proven tactics that are not even heard by your in-house professionals. You can simply tap into the expertise of SEO specialists, creative writing experts, developers and programmers, and paid ads specialists who have years of experience and have mastered their field. 

  • When you work with e-commerce marketing, you can open up the doors of new ideas, perspectives, and choices that can take your small business to the next level. For example, if you are working with an SEO specialist, he may help you discover some secrets of top ranking in search engines. 

If you are working with a content creator, he may help you get more exposure through the topics that are currently trending in the market. Each professional will give you a new perspective about your brand.  They have better ideas to structure the growth of your company.

  • Above all, you can improve the efficiency of work with a marketing team. If your in-house professionals are taking 4 weeks in designing a website, your marketing professionals may take 2 weeks in completing the entire design. if your in-house professionals are taking 6 days in launching a PPC campaign, your marketing company may finalize everything in just 2 days. 

So, this affects the overall results and efficiency of your company.

  • I personally prefer an e-commerce marketing company for one reason. You don’t have to trash money on tools and software. Because marketing professionals already use a lot of tools, software, and other paid methods that bring results to the table. They have software for each strategy, like tracking and monitoring, keyword research, competitor analysis, and much more.
  • Another pro of hiring your marketing company is, you can scale the efforts any time you want. Whether you want to target more leads through SEO, increase social presence on Facebook, or invest small in PPC campaigns, your experts will be responsible to scale everything according to your requirements. 


Well, there are not so prominent drawbacks of hiring experts than limited communication or high costs. But I think these elements are also manageable as different reliable companies provide packages and discounts so you can get the most out of your campaign. 

With regards to communication, you can set up channels to get in touch with professionals or receive reporting to have better insights into results and other activities.

Why should you focus on in-house professionals?

If you hire knowledgeable, expert, and skilled digital marketers for your project, you don’t need to rely on a marketing company. Because your marketing experts will be responsible to take care of every element that suits your needs. 

Here are few more reasons to hire in-house marketing professionals.

  • Unlike a digital marketing company that is responsible to deal with multiple clients at a time, your in-house professionals will be able to focus only on your project and will work with more concentration. And after that, they can come up with more unique and creative ideas that offer long-term success.
  • If you want full control of your projects, and your marketing efforts, then relying on your in-house team is a good idea. Because you can have complete control over every activity and can make the schedule that best suits your company needs.
  • Another point that makes your in-house professionals is a priority, they are available every time around you. If you experience any issue or want to recommend some improvement, you can instantly approach them and ask them to make certain changes rather than relying on professionals who may not be available when you want to discuss something.
  • When you work with your in-house team, you and every member can share ideas and take steps for the growth and betterment of your company. Because they are more focused and dedicated than marketing companies. Hence, they give ideas that are totally in benefit of your company.


When it comes to counting the drawbacks of hiring in-house professionals, you may feel surprised. Because yes, there are hundreds of elements that make in-house professionals a weak choice.

Especially if you are planning to launch a large-scale company with a lot of products and categories in place, then your in-house professionals may lack such consistency and expertise for managing everything at its best.

Above all, your in-house professionals are least trained in this industry. They do not have advanced knowledge and ideas to understand the complications of digital marketing. They do not know what method would be best if your website gets penalized by search engines.

In fact, it’s also an expensive option than hiring an e-commerce marketing company. Because you have to manage the salary costs of each professional. You will have to hire designers, developers, SEO specialists, writers, and PPC experts who may thousands of dollars every month- which definitely costs you a pretty penny.

What’s the best option? Marketing agency or in-house professionals?

I think if it is getting difficult for you to decide whether in-house marketing professionals are great or hiring a marketing agency is the best option, you can simply weigh the advantages of a marketing agency over the in-house professionals. 

When you weigh all the pros and cons of a marketing agency and in-house professionals, you can probably make the right decision. 

However, you can also decide the option by outlining the needs and requirements of your business. like if you are a small business with a couple of clients and have a small budget, then relying on in-house professionals may be a good choice. 

On the flip side, if you have big plans and high goals for your business where you want to add maximum clients to the list in the future, then choosing e-commerce marketing professionals is undoubtedly a great option. Because they can help you set goals and give you a time frame to achieve them while implementing all the latest methodologies that generate a healthy return on investment.

Bottom line:

Nobody is as concerned for your business as you are, so whatever option you choose, weigh all the positive and negative aspects before making a final choice.

Because once you choose the option, it may define the success of your business in the future. Both options have different benefits and drawbacks, so your decision comes down to the ideas and services you plan for your business. 

So, if you want to become a partner with a marketing agency, do your research first and then choose the best e-commerce marketing company that has a proven track record. But if you want to rely on your in-house team, then make sure you hire the right experts with proficient knowledge and expertise.

Both choices can work well for your business, so decide wisely and set proper plans & goals before choosing your options.