What if I tell you that now you can save up to 70% on your e-commerce website development after reading this post?

Yes, I know you must be surprised, because most e-commerce business owners think that creating online shopping stores cost a pretty penny, so all they do is, continue with unprofessional services that smartly trap them with fancy designs at cheap rates.

But wait, if you are also going to do this, then do not trash all your hard-earned money on the services that do not worth your attention!

Because here in this post, you have eight clever tips that can help you save tons of money.

So, before we get started, I would advise you to read the post till the end so you can reap more benefits for your e-commerce website design and development.

Choose Shopify- the most affordable and user-friendly platform:

Shopify is one of the most affordable and reliable eCommerce website builders that offers you a chance to design your shopping store to boost its performance and sales. Especially if you have a massive number of products and services to display, then this is one of the best frameworks that give you a chance to win thousands of customers every day.

The reason is this is the most ideal editor for any type of business in the eCommerce industry. Shopify is designed to put your services in the spotlight so they can receive maximum exposure.

The best part is Shopify features hundreds of attractive and colorful templates, and you have plenty of opportunities to use them according to your requirements. Now, these choices help companies to introduce some significant business details to their potential customers so they can uniquely highlight each item. Because the fact is, regular conversions matter the most when it comes to developing a shopping store.

Thus, if you are a beginner and couldn’t choose an easy platform for your needs, then Shopify can help you in this regard as well. The platform has multiple customized features for hassle-free website development without implementing any technicality or programming. 

It has store management solutions as well as shopping cart features along with thousands of useful apps and plugins. These apps help you stand out in the competition and keep you one step ahead of the competition. Above all, the platform is packed with hundreds of SEO assets that can help you score the highest ranking in search results.

So, if you think you can easily learn how to use the platform for website development, then you can watch tutorials and get started. But if you think it would take a lot of time and you want to get it started today, then you can simply consider professionals for creating a high-end dropshipping Shopify store that features all the details and facilities to keep the store up and running.

Go for simple, appealing, and ready-made templates:

I have often observed that some minimalistic shopping websites look more attractive and graceful as compared to visually appealing websites. 

I don’t understand why people always go for colors and brightness when they can easily rely on a neutral design that attracts more customers?

I think if you really want to optimize your shopping store for maximum conversions, then the best approach is to keep it simple yet appealing. Fancy design and styles are usually for interior design or architecture websites that have to attract customers for colors and designs.

But when it comes to a shopping store, the simple the design, the more traffic, and conversions. To make it simple, you can remove all the unnecessary drama and information, and just use some minimalistic design theme with a lot of space.

Most importantly, choose your ready-made template, especially if you have a small store with a few products at the start. Especially when you rely on platforms like Shopify or WooCommerce website design, then it would be even better and more cost-effective. 

Especially you can now create custom websites that are according to your requirement. That’s the reason, most business owners choose professionals for custom websites with SEO optimization that create the overall look interesting and appealing.

Outsource smart web design professionals with a proven track record:

If you want to focus on core business matters for your shopping store, then hiring smart website design professionals is a great choice.

Because when you rely on a web design company or web design professionals for an e-commerce business, you can simply get a design that is more realistic, attractive, professional, and user-friendly. In contrast, when you consider the help of expensive companies that offer exorbitant charges, then you may lose the track of your money while ending up resolving server and design issues; and still not get a design according to your requirements.

That’s the reason, outsourcing your website design professionals for e-commerce is a great choice today. So, whether you want to customize, design, or redesign your website, e-commerce website developers can help you with everything that offers a high-converting platform.

Reduce the number of pages:

This is another effective trick to keep the costs down. Try to reduce the number of pages for your e-commerce store. Because every page you ask your professionals to build takes some time and of course money.

Therefore, if you are creating a separate page for each product or exceeding 10 pages, then it’s recommended to adjust some products at one page and choose different images to keep the users engaged.

So, when you plan the overall structure of your shopping store, reduce the number to a maximum of 6 pages, but if you have a lot of categories to adjust, then make subpages or utilize content under one big heading.

For example, if you are adding company history, about us, and our team page separately, then try reducing the numbers and keep the details short under the about us page only.

Because you don’t need to create extra pages just to impress readers or rank well. Precise and useful information is also an attractive element that makes your site user-friendly in eyes of search engines.

Try to use real photos of products or consider stock images:

Yes, you don’t need to hire an expensive designer for your project. You can use some colorful and attractive stock images from free sites. People choose it because they look professional and real as well. 

By doing this, you don’t need to create your own images and waste a lot of time and money. Stock photography also a lot of money, especially when you hire professional photographers.

Another trick is using your own images. Grab a camera and take photos of your products in some appealing environments. This helps you save costs on both design and photography.

Get the help of a budget-friendly professional for website content:

Another way to save money on your e-commerce website development is, consider the help of a budget-friendly professional who costs the lowest amount for your project. If you have a friend or a reference who can do it free for you, then this is the best part indeed.

However, if you cannot avail such opportunity, then outsourcing affordable professionals to create SEO-optimized content for your website is a great solution. They won’t charge tons of money, unlike other professionals. All you need to do is, discuss your requirements, and they will come up with budget-friendly ideas that are based on your needs.

Be a good learner to save costs on expensive companies:

Yes, that should be considered seriously.

Because you cannot rely on expensive companies or professionals every time. Sometimes you have to do the work on your own to save a huge amount. In fact, when help is available in form of consultants, YouTube tutorials, and different useful guides. 

From creating content to editing images, you can learn everything by yourself and start implementing to have a stunning website according to your requirements.

When you design the site yourself, you don’t need to guide anyone about implementing your desired structure. You can do it the way you want without burdening your pocket. 

However, to do that easily, you need to perform a lot of research and come up with unique ideas. After all, you have to beat stiff competitors in the industry who have been doing good for years and have a stable reputation in e-commerce.


So, just leave all the guesswork behind, and go for the above tips that help you save a big amount on your e-commerce website development. 

I hope if you got a perfect understanding of these tricks, you could easily save more than 70% of the money on different design services.But if you think you should go for some help for a more professional, appealing, and user-friendly look, then hiring an e-commerce website design company is also a great idea as they employ professionals who have years of experience in designing stunning websites for your business.