What if I tell you that you can easily launch a successful e-commerce store in one week without putting in much effort? 

You must think I am talking crazy. Because it’s not possible at all!

Well, No! Time has changed. Now you can launch your successful e-commerce store in just one week- if you implement the steps I have mentioned below!

Yes, because thanks to growing technologies and marketing methods, there is nothing that could stop you from coming up with a dynamic product launch through an impeccable platform!

I know it’s not that simple. You have to brainstorm ideas and methods that could get you there and help you launch an effective shopping store.

And the good news is, I can help you achieve your goals without spending a hefty amount. Especially if you want to generate quick bucks, then this step by step helps launch a profitable business that sustains and brings value to the competitive marketplace.

Step1: Buy your domain and look for the available options:

Buying a domain is probably the first step in launching a successful e-commerce store.

For those who don’t know what domain is, this is basically your website address specifically assigned to your shopping store. For example, if you are creating your shopping store on Shopify, they will automatically allocate your domain.

However, if you want to earn your own brand recognition and looking for sustainable growth and stability, then it’s recommended to buy your personal domain. When you hire professionals for creating a Shopify store, they will be responsible to manage the whole process from start to end. All you need to do is, select the options that are most suitable to your brand. Look for the domains that specifically contact your business name so you can rank quickly on search engines.

Step 2- Figure out the best website developer with expertise & knowledge:

Now you have got a brilliant domain name for your e-commerce store. But what next?

Well, the next step is figuring out the best website developer that has enough knowledge, expertise, and skills to create a compelling & user-friendly shopping store.

This is the most critical step in launching a perfect shopping site. Especially if you want to set up your store in a relatively short period and more professional manner, then make sure you are connected with the right developer who can customize, design, or redesign your site

When you hire a skilled developer, you need to get a proper timeline from him and check if they can come up with the same design you have in your mind. You also need to ensure that they have a graphic design background, as it can help them edit or crop graphics that will be most suitable to your site’s theme.

Most commonly, e-commerce business owners choose developers who are not even skilled in their specific niche and I think this is the biggest gaffe they commit. 

Never let this happen with your site because you will simply throw tons of money on inefficient developers or companies. Especially if you are launching your store on platforms like BigCommerce or PrestaShop, then you need to take special measures as these frameworks are quite complicated and technical to handle.

Step 3- Select your e-commerce platform that best suits your niche:

If you want a streamlined user experience while saving a lot of time and tons of money, then selecting the right e-commerce platform is all you need to do in the first place.

I usually recommend WooCommerce website building, OpenCart multivendor marketplace, and Magento store development that offers more ease and convenience while creating a user-friendly shopping store. 

For example, if you are planning to launch a jewelry shop website, then creating a multivendor e-commerce platform with Dokan would be a great choice due to its maximum features and capabilities. 

Above all, make sure that your website developer is already familiar with these frameworks and he has enough expertise and knowledge to implement all the necessary features. They can easily integrate plugins, and process payment gateways, etc.

Step 4- Pick the best theme for your shopping store:

Another exciting step is to pick the best theme for your store that best suits your online platform. Now your theme should be attractive, compelling, and colorful that helps users know what your website is all about and they can act accordingly while checking different elements & features on the site.

Your theme should be mainly responsible to bring engagements and conversions. When your website developer is creating your shopping store, head over to the platform where they choose the themes and then select the right one according to your requirement. Also, choose a responsive theme design that could offer conversions on mobile devices as well.

Step 5- Integrate products and content on your e-commerce store:

Now once you are satisfied with the overall look of your website, the next step is to integrate all the products you have stored. While adding products, you also need to create website content by featuring competitive and long-tail keywords that best define your brand, services, and products.

Your website will mainly have 4-5 main pages, such as Home, About us, Products, Testimonials, and Contact us page. You need to create compelling content for all these pages as these would be the central attention of your site. Especially your audience will immediately land onto your product sections after the homepage.

That’s the reason, using clear and effective language is the primary need to convert the audience through words. If you want to excite your audience, use small and precise paragraphs and catchy words to describe your products. 

However, if you think you cannot do it professionally without external help, then hiring experts to create captivating product descriptions is also a great choice. Your experts will craft compelling titles, SEO-optimized descriptions, well-optimized images, and mention other significant features that make them special than the rest.

Step 6- Find out what payment gateway system suits your business

After adding products and setting content for each category, the next step is to find out what payment system you want to incorporate for hassle-free checkouts.

For example, if you are creating a site on Shopify, you can head over to the section of ‘payments’ and find choose what suits you the most. 

However, if you are working with a reliable website developer, he will be responsible to tell you the required payment gateway without needing you to explore. Make sure you are considering transaction fees, payment options, and an on-site checkout system while considering seamless checkout.

Especially if you want more proficiency and smoothness, you can simply hire professionals who can integrate any payment gateway to your website according to your requirement.

Step 7- Set up shipping options:

After integrating a payment gateway system into your shopping store, it’s time to decide what shipping duration you want to choose.

For example, you can analyze if it makes sense to set up 3–4-day shipping, or should you provide fast shipping instantly within 24 hours. While fast shipping requires more charges so, keep in mind that you have to create a strategy according to your ability to ship products in a particular period.

Step 8- Checking and testing the functionality!

Make sure your website is functioning and user-friendly, like if your about us and the homepage is completed and featuring all the products, then the pages should be functional and must take the visitor to the required page with one click. 

Because if your website is not functional or user-friendly, the chances are search engines will not rank it accordingly and might push your site away in rankings.  Moreover, if the site is least responding to chat options or not directing users to their desired pages, then your audience might switch to another website for a more seamless user experience.

Step 9- Launch your website!

As soon as you are finished with all the steps, even some of the products are not listed yet, you can make your website live and launch it for the whole world. 

Step- 10- Market your website:

Now that you have launched your website, it’s time to show people that you have a brand, and how effectively you can help them fulfill their daily needs & requirements. If you want to launch it as a brand, then the best trick is to choose digital marketing experts who know what it takes to launch your site in style.


Launching your e-commerce website in today’s competitive and dynamic marketplace is a real challenge. Therefore, you need proper strategies for growth so you can implement the best steps and tell people that you are the true leader in the e-commerce industry.

So, if you have plans to launch your shopping store, have a look at the above steps once again and analyze how you can generate healthy ROI and what difference you could make in the e-commerce world. If you think, you cannot grow without a professional help after launching your site, then e-commerce marketing agency is here to provide required help and assistance.