If you have just launched your e-commerce shopping store, you must be thinking about how to generate more traffic and attract more customers to your store. 

Because, the more visits you have, the more chances to interact with people and convert them for your products. 

But have you ever thought about what could be the best way to sell more products every hour? And how you could strategically engage the audience towards your brand?

Since, you already know a lot about SEO, email marketing, and brand identity so we don’t need to discuss that anymore. But probably, you have the least knowledge about social media marketing that has overwhelming search queries in the e-commerce industry. The reason is social media is growing in popularity each second. 

So, if you miss the chance to connect with a potential audience on social media, unluckily you will lose incredible sales and conversions. And I am sure you don’t want that. Right?

Well, no worries. I am here to make things easy for you by providing some powerful social media tricks that help you drive plenty of traffic to your e-commerce store every minute!

Well-optimize your social media posts:

Your social media posts are the backbone of your marketing strategy. And if these posts are not optimized according to competitive keywords, then chances are, you may lose engagement and conversions.

Therefore, using long-tail and competitive keywords in your posts is a key to gain unlimited exposure and success. These keywords can simply boost your search visibility, and hence allow you to maximize your online presence over others in the industry. 

To manage that well, performing detailed keyword research is also a great choice. Especially when you choose professionals for thorough keyword research, they help you identify long phrases and search terms that are frequently used by your consumers and are most related to your industry.  So, adding these search terms in your posts ultimately gives more exposure and social visibility in the user’s feed. 

Also, you should also include visual elements in your social posts so you can grab the attention of a busy audience who just scan & scroll but not engage.

Use videos and interactive images to tell your brand story!

Do you know what else can drive maximum engagement and clicks on your social posts? Videos and interactive images that convey a strong & compelling message about your brand.

Because visual content naturally makes your posts more engaging as compared to long blocks of text-based posts, in fact, 70% of the audience interacts with images and colorful videos, which makes it the most suitable option to market your brand.

Also, make the product images much shareable on different platforms that support image-based marketing, like Pinterest and Instagram. However, if you want to be more creative and unique, then creating powerful short video ads for your brand is also a fantastic option.

These video ads will be responsible to gain more views and clicks. Because your audience prefers the content that gives them detailed insights into products and features. For example, if you are advertising skincare products on your platform, then sharing a video ad that describes the use and benefits of the product may convince your audience more than a simple 3-4 lines text.

Launch paid social ads to dramatically boost your leads:

Want to take your social media marketing to next level? It’s time to launch paid advertising for all the social channels. 

Yes, if you have a budget and you want to beat strong competitors, then paid ads are the best trick that can do the need full. Launching ads on platforms like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram can simply help drive more leads and sales as compared to free methods.

Because paid ads are specifically targeted to the audience who is most interested in your products and is more likely to click & interact as compared to the people who don’t even care about your existence. 

The best part is, paid ads are not so expensive, because you can set them based on your budget and competition. And you are only required to pay when someone clicks your ads.

This method helps you boost traffic, ROI, and overall engagement rate. You can also consider the help of social media advertising professionals that can craft unique and targeted ads based on your requirement.

Start interacting with your fans & followers:

Social media is one of the most reliable and effective platforms to interact with your fans and followers. 

With social media marketing, you can simply monitor and track your social posts as well as engage people who are most interested in your products. To interact with them on regular basis, you can simply ask questions, responding to the comments, thank people for considering your services, sending them messages, mentioning them in stories, and participating in different discussions. 

When you manage such amazing social activities, you can show your audience how much you care and are dedicated to solving their needs.

Besides that, you can also join several social groups, build strong relationships with influencers, and host live chats so that you can inform more audiences while engaging them in different ways.

Set up Instagram shopping:

Did you know more than 130 million users tap on Instagram’s shopping posts in 30 days?

This proves Instagram is a growing and popular channel with a strong fan base who specifically visits the channel to explore shopping products by different brands. So, if you want to get a new stream of leads and visits to your site, Instagram is the place to do so. 

Above all, the channel comprises qualified visitors who love to discover new products for their daily life. The best part is you can connect the product catalog to your Instagram profile. Connect your Facebook and Instagram page and then launch Facebook Shop through your e-commerce platform. 

When Instagram approves your brand page, you can simply turn on the settings for more leads and visits.

Share relevant, engaging, and informative content:

Sharing relevant, engaging, informative, useful, and valuable content is the most important requirement that can make or break your campaign. Because when you share sales pitches every time, the chances are your audience may feel bored and turn to the other brands for their needs. It just pushes people away because sharing promotions are not the right tactic indeed.

Instead, when you share links to articles, product features, and their benefits, provide useful tips, and share news then your audience is more likely to interact with your posts. This is also a smart way to engage users and tell them the effectiveness of your products.

Hence if you think it’s hard to work on new and creative ideas every day, you can also hire an expert who will create engaging posts for social media and help you set a targeted client base across every channel.

Run social giveaways to generate referrals:

Launching social media giveaways is another effective method to generate a healthy fan base while earning a lot of leads and conversions.

Especially if you want to interact with your fans and build a loyal community, then this is a proven way to consider. And the best part is, this is not much harder, in fact, interesting and user-friendly. 

You can consider plenty of options and ideas to launch giveaways so that you can drive maximum traffic and explosive sales every day. Thing that matter the most is, creating a profitable campaign that gives exceptional results and makes people believe that this is the best source of online shopping solution.

Use sweet and trendy hashtags for your posts:

Using hashtags is the best strategy to get exposure Infront of a massive audience. Because when you use hashtags you are increasing the chances to get your ideas and content discovered by thousands of people who are looking for the same product you sell.  This is the best way to gain more visibility on all the social media channels. 

Hashtags help you organize all the content, expand your reach as well as drive interaction from the qualified audience. Also, do not avoid a lot of useless hashtags as they make your posts too artificial and clingy. The frequency depends on the channels where you are posting. 

For example, if you are posting on Instagram, using more than ten hashtags is an ideal strategy, but if you are posting on Facebook, five or six hashtags are enough to describe your post.

Final word:

If you really want to step up your marketing game, then implementing social media marketing is the most effective technique that helps you win thousands of potential customers every day.

When you add shopping integrations to social platforms, you are actually increasing the chances to gain new leads and customers. But the condition is, implementing all the techniques correctly & smartly. If you believe it’s hard to launch such targeted campaigns while focusing on your business, hiring an e-commerce marketing agency is also a good option that gives your brand the attention it deserves- among millions!